10 Ways To Make Your Groom Feel Special

image Hi bride to be, I want to talk about my fellas today. Yes that wonderful man who gives you butterflies. The one your eyes will focus on when walking down the aisle, while all eyes are focused on you. Yes him the groom! Remember him...lol. Sometimes in the planning process their ideas and often even them get placed in the back seat, but I want to share some ways to show your loved one how special he is on that special day! He's wearing fuchsia for goodness sake.....it's the least we can do!

1. Schedule him a massage the morning of the wedding.

2. Send him for a manicure and pedicure day before the wedding.

3. Send him a love note and gift before the wedding to say Thank You for his patience with you during the planning process.

4. Have all his favorite treats and beer delivered to him during his prep time that morning.

5. Hire his favorite singer/band or impersonator to do a few of his favorite songs as a surprise during the reception.

6. Let him get his own walk down the aisle to the theme from Shaft or Rocky & encourage guest to cheer him on!

7. Do a photo montage in honor of him from his parents perspective.

8. Hire a cigar roller.

9. Serve his favorite dessert as part of your menu.

10. Don’t force him to participate in parts of the wedding planning he doesn’t to! Like floral arrangements, endless bridal shows.

Remember you are starting a new chapter with your groom. Even though there is so much directed towards the brides don't forget to show him how special he is during the planning & everyday after.

Until next time....Live, Laugh, Love