A Belles Tip - Do a first look!

You should absolutely have a first look!

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So today starts our "a belles tip" campaign!
First let me explain, what "a belles tip" actually is? A "belle" is what we here at the Kayla Belle team affectionately call our brides. 
"a belles tip" was created with you, the bride to be in mind. It's purpose is to give you educational and fun tips to help with your planning process. Follow hastag #abellestip on instagram for more.


What's a first look?

A First Look is when a bride and groom see each other before the wedding ceremony. This is done alone, away from your wedding party, and it is a beautiful, intimate moment shared by just the two of you.

1. No one has ever regretted a first look.
In the years that we have introduced clients to the idea, yes event the most traditional of them all, never has a couple say " we wished we skipped this opportunity". They instead are always elated that they listened to our professional advice. We can't stress to our couples enough that this is gonna be one of the best decisions they made on their day.

2. It is not bad luck!
Ask the couples that went to city hall or  had a thunderstorm on their big day but are still happily married years later. Not to mention that in many cultures, the bride and groom have to see each other before hand anyway to sign the marriage license together. So why not get the most out of it and see each other earlier to get amazing photos. 

3. Venue choice!
You have the choice of taking your portraits at a different location than the venue or hotel where you’re getting ready. If the picture spot of your dreams is out of budget or time frame, then a first look is the way to go. 100% of our Brooklyn brides want portraits in Dumbo Park and surroundings which is usually not possible unless they have a first look. 

4. Extra time with your significant other: 
A traditional wedding scenario, allows the couple to only spend the ceremony and reception together. Totaling up to 4-5 hours together. A First Look allows couples extra hours together to enjoy on their big day. ( Yea, you can actually go to your cocktail hour! )

5. Live in the experience.
At the end of the day, it is all about enjoying time together as newlyweds and enjoying a day that goes by so quickly.  Squeeze every fun second out of it and a First Look is definitely a step in that direction.

Here's one of our amazing couples sharing their first look. To see more of their amazing day check out our blog post here.
Photos courtest of Angie of Milestone Images

Until next time....LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE