A sweet.... Sweet 16!

Becoming sweet 16 is one of the most important events in the life of young woman. Something that she will remember as a passing through step of her existence, a way to declare she has grown up and she is handling her life totally from now on.But also a moment to spend with loving parents and dear friends, the ones she may live her best experiences in the future years. So why not have a gorgeous and unforgettable party to celebrate this special moment? I happened to design Nikki’s special event. Nikki is a charming sweet girl and a very dear t me. When I was asked me to plan her Sweet 16 party I was really enthusiast. We choose a very nice but informal space to have our guests, wide enough to have the right fittings, a dj space and a dancefloor! Nikki wanted a Candyland theme so we went with a rainbow palette for decorations. A candy buffet was adorned with every peice of candy your sweet tooth could desire.

Sweet 16, jazzy affairs, candy canes

Candy buffet for Nikki

Sweet 16, jazzy affairs

sweet 16, party, jazzy affairs

sweet 16, jazzy affairs

The cake was a delicious marshmallow symphony, designed by Fafie Cakes.

Cake, sweet 16, jazzy affairs

We also decided to use all bright colors purple, hot pink and  neon green to fit tables and also decorations of the hall.

And this is Nikki with some of her friends!

nikki, sweet 16, jazzy affairs

Nikki's party was not only a celebration but also a real moment of joy and happiness for everyone!


Until next time..LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE