{Charity Events} Brides Against Breast Cancer

Hey Everyone So I want to talk about an amazing organization I was introduced to early this year call Brides Against Breast Cancer. I am so proud to be a preferred vendor for this upcoming event on May 4th in New Brunswick, NJ, which be held at the Hyatt Regency. I had the great privilege of volunteering when the tour rolled into my hometown NYC. I have to admit, it was truly an amazing feeling! I met several cancer survivors and relatives of member who are lost from this disease as they were gown shopping for their own weddings. Truly amazing stories were personally shared in small groups to all the fantastic volunteers there.

Why is Brides Against Breast Cancer amazing?

1.They found a genius way to support women battling this disease. What women doesn't love weddings & shopping...BAMM! Killer combo! Not to mention show sales include hundreds of new, name brand and designer gowns, as well as lovingly worn gowns in various styles and sizes, and they offer a convenient lay away plan.

2. Because 80% of the profit goes toward the research & funding of Breast Cancer programs.

3. Most gown prices range from $99 to $799 with designers gowns valued up to $3,900.

4. An opportunity for you to give back: The tour moves from city to city, check the website  for a city near you. If you have already said "I Do," please consider donating your gown to Brides Against Breast Cancer, and your donation is tax-deductible (incentive). You can also volunteer your time, monetary or host a fabulous event! Click here for ways to help.

Breast Cancer affects us all as women, this is small yet fun way to help support the women that carry the burden of finding a cure! Please support this organization by sharing this blog post. Post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Tell friends & co-workers. Volunteer your time. Throw an event to honor a survivor or lost one you may know. Mention to any ladies that are getting married to consider donating their dress.

Disclaimer: I am not paid by Brides Against Breast Cancer to promote on their behalf. Nor is their any incentive to this post. These are true heartfelt words towards and organization that married to this dear to my heart...the joy of weddings & my relentless fight to end cancer!

Here are a few pics from my volunteer adventure! I'm volunteering again next year, will you join me?

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New Brunswick 2014 Flyerbrides-against-breast-cancer   Preferred Partner Badge


Until next time...LIVE, LAUGH. LOVE