Choosing the first day of your happily ever after

I'm sure every woman thinks that choosing their wedding date will be the easiest part of wedding planning.  I mean they have been dreaming about this day since birth right.  Contrary to that belief, it really isn't that easy for every couple. There are so many factors to take into consideration when choosing that special day.  Let's touch on ways to make it a little easier. Think of how long you, as a couple, want to be engaged.  Then move forward from there.  Choosing an anniversary such as your first date, the day you became an official couple, or even the day you met and knew it was love at first sight.

The time of year aka the season plays a major role in so many aspects of choosing your wedding date.  When it comes to your theme, budget, the anticipated weather (think local and destination wedding) the season has to definitely be considered.  A winter white wedding theme might not be true to heart in say July when its 100* outside. The winter season with snow falling outside would bring your dream wedding to life. The cost of your wedding can change depending on the season.  May through September are popular wedding months which means everything is more expensive during this high season.  These months are also the rainy season especially in the Caribbean.  But then you have to worry about snow storms during the winter months.

Last but not least, think about both your schedules for the year.  Will you be able to take off the time needed for the wedding as well as the honeymoon if you plan on going away right after.  This goes back to the season, it may not affect you locally when getting married but what will the weather be like at your honeymoon destination.

If all else fails when trying to choose your special day, blindfold yourself, spin around a couple of times, and touch a calendar.  Three out of four times usually works!  That was a joke, I hope you chuckled haha