Flowerless Wedding Design

Can you imagine a wedding where there are no flowers in sight?  Most people would say no because flowers are a big part of weddings.  From the bride’s bouquet, to the petals the flower girl drops down the aisle at the ceremony, to the reception centerpieces, flowers are everywhere.  Hard as it may be to imagine, it is quite possible to have a beautifully decorated wedding, sans flowers, using alternatives that show a couple’s personality and sticks to their theme if they have one.Many brides are opting out of floral centerpieces and bouquets for many different reasons which could range from wanting to be unique to wanting to save and cut the budget costs.  On average, flowers for the bridal party, ceremony, and reception can run a couple between 7-10% of the total wedding budget.  That is a good chunk of change that can go towards another area of the wedding or can just be saved. While alternatives may not always be cost-effective they should always be exactly what the couple wants and loves at the end of the day. Flowerless centerpieces can be made with single items or a combination of items.  Candelabras and candles can set a warm evening mood.  Fruit and (paper) lanterns are perfect for weddings held in the warmer seasons.  Feathers can be fun and whimsical.  As for the bouquets, brides are becoming very creative with their styles of choice.  Especially the DIY brides.  Sparkly brooch bouquets seem to be the most popular.  Below are some pictures of flowerless centerpieces and bouquets we found on pinterest.  If you're a DIY yourself bride you will find an array of tutorials there.





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