Fun Wedding Reception Ideas

Today's couples are always looking for fun ways to make their wedding day an experience for their guest. They want to make sure there is that special something that will be on the tongues of their guest for weeks and even months to come. We found a few ways that you can incorporate absolute fun times into your wedding day that will be enjoyed by the smallest child to your dearest grandma. 1. Play the shoe game.

I have incorporated this into several of my weddings and I can honestly say it is always a blast. Expect non stop laughter from every corner of the room!

Game instructions here!

shoe game Angelita Esparar Photography

2. Add a Popcorn Bar

Who doesn't love popcorn? Now add caramel, kettle corn, almond toffee and white cheddar toppings and they will keep coming back for more! This will keep guest engaged as they share topping combinations....tons of fun!

popcorn-collage Popcorn Bar designed by Jessica Kirkland from Pen ‘n Paperflowers.

3. Create a S'mores station

Nothing like this sweet childhood treat to get your guest buzzing. Not to mention this is a great DIY project that would create a big "WOW" factor!


4. Incorporate Slow Motion Video Booth

Don't get me wrong I adore photobooths, this is just another innovative way to incorporate fun! According to many wedding experts Slow Motion Video Booths are gonna be a big thing for this years wedddings. I can't see why not, how can silly string not be contagious when it comes to fun time? I can't wait to see this at one of our weddings this year.

5. Advice for the couple

Some things are a classic! We have all seen this trend and it doesn't seem to be going away.... I love this because you can personalize this in so many ways, from the wording to incorporating the theme of your big day into the design. These image examples are great DIY examples...{ from my very own wedding :) } is a journal with blank business cards & guest were asked to finish the print on the page with advice for the couple. A great keepsake! The 2nd is the same idea but in card form. The couple could take these on their honeymoon & enjoy reading them there.

wpid-PhotoGrid_1390420840660.jpgadvice for happy couple

5. Hire a Food Truck

Hosting a shabby chic or outdoor wedding? This increaslingly popular idea is an awesome fun way to give guest something out the box!


Wedding Chicks

6. Introduce a Dessert Bar

Dare to ditch the wedding cake and instead serve your guest a decadent dessert bar filled with an assortment of your favorite dessert pasteries.

desset collage

Image of pastries by Clean Plate CO.

Hope these fun ideas add nothing but bliss to your amazing day!

Until next time….LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE


Images courtesy of Pinterest