He Asked.... She Said Yes!

Asking the love of their life to marry them might be one of the hardest things a person has to do in life.  Between finding the "perfect ring", thinking of the best way to do it, and actually going through with it can drive one to drink.  However, I feel that if they've found THE ONE it should be quite easy to do because they should know, without a doubt, their partner will say yes.  And no matter where or how it is done their partner will be happy because they're finally engaged.  Of course, that doesn't mean any effort and/or thought shouldn't go into the proposal.  Because it should!  It just means it shouldn't be stressful planning it.  Significant others always give hints (from day one lol) so pay attention.  They see something and say ohhhhhh I would love to get engaged like that.  Now a partner shouldn't do it exactly like that, unless the word exactly was used when saying it, but whatever was referred to can always be used as inspiration. They also always say the types of rings they don't like, do like, and what they can picture on their ring finger.  Again, pay attention!  If one feels they still haven't gotten enough hints they can always consult with their partners friends and even family members who would be privy to such information.  At the end of the day, the proposal should always be what their partner has dreamed of, with a twist, and of course it should be a surprise.  A story they would want to tell people over and over again until they're old and grey.  I love fun, exciting, breath taking moments that'll make me cry and laugh at the same time so I posted some proposals, from Pinterest, that would make my heart pitter patter and make me jump for joy at the fact that the love of my life was so creative and thoughtful in asking me to marry him.  I am a lover of taking pictures and absolutely love the rain so the photobooth, the stroll in the rain, and the picture collage proposals are my favs.  Please get some bright ideas folks!!  Love is always in the air... How did he pop the question? Tell us about it!




Until next time....LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE