Here We Go Again...

Last week I touched on the importance, according to moi, of having a professional videographer present at a wedding that I had to touch on the topic again today. Ok, I have close friends that read the blog (thanks ladies) and boy did they have differences of opinions.   Some agreed, from the beginning, the importance of having a videographer for the all reasons mentioned.  Others didn't think it was necessary but was enlighten after reading the post.  Then there were a small number who felt the expense wasn't worth it and was ok with what the photographer would be able to capture ( I am currently revising my friend list as we speak ;) ).  They also felt they would be able to remember everything that happened throughout the entire day. I sadly have to say that this thinking will set you up for failure! There are so many amazing details that brides are not present for....groom getting ready, the guest walking into your ceremony & reception and the "WOW" look plastered across their faces, cocktail hour mingling, the reception shenanigans just too name a few. A couple cannoot cover all these experiences on their own.  I truly want the best for every couple on their wedding day and I say good luck to those friends of mine and any of you who think that's a realistic thought.  I also ask you to watch another video reel from the talented Chip Dizard and let me know if it changes your mind at all. I honestly can't imagine how it couldn't!

2014 Chip Dizárd Wedding Highlights from Chip Dizard on Vimeo.

xoxo, Patrica