Intimate Table for Two

After decorating The Natural Aristocratic Tea tablescape last week we started thinking about the different tablescapes we have put together for clients.  In the past, we have done table settings for weddings, social gatherings, and style shoots.  Clients and their guests, weddings in particular, are always in awe of how nicely our tables are decorated.  It means the world to us to be able to design an event and receive compliments by everyone in attendance on our creativity and hard work.  But there are those times when a tablescape needs to be designed for a smaller more intimate gathering. So small and intimate it is only for two.  A wedding isn't the only time a couple gets to sit at a table and enjoy dinner together.  There are those before and after wedding celebrations such as birthdays, valentine's day, the engagement, anniversaries, just because I love you, etc...  These dinners do not always need to be held in a restaurant each and every time.  They can be planned, by a wedding and event planner, in the clients home, backyard, park, on the beach, and a number of other locations depending on where the couple lives or their current location the day the dinner is to be held.  The time and effort taken to plan an intimate dinner for two, with a breathtaking tablescape, will always leave a lasting memory and impression on ones partner.  Check out some beautiful table for two ideas found on Pinterest and don't forget to contact Kayla Belle Weddings and Events to help you plan and design your next intimate dinner for two.