Let them eat cake!

Or maybe not... Last week we chatted about flowerless weddings so today I wanted to continue with the “less” theme by looking at “cakeless” weddings.  There are many people who have a sweet tooth but aren’t big fans of cake.  I am one of those people.  People who, when we get married, would prefer to not have a traditional wedding cake but treats we believe everyone at the wedding would enjoy to munch on.  Treats like cake pops, cupcakes, pies, cookies, donuts, and many more.  All of which can come in a variety of flavors to satisfy the couple and their guests taste buds.  Whatever cake substitute the couple decides on can be displayed individually along a table or they can be stacked up in tiers, to mimic a wedding cake, with a mini cake on the top tier to be cut by the newlyweds.  Once cut, the guests can choose the flavor treat they want at their leisure during the reception.  What makes this super awesome is that a couple can save a pretty penny avoiding the cake cutting fee the venue or caterer might impose on them.  I found the cutest pictures on Pinterest which I posted below.  Hope looking at them doesn’t give you a sugar rush.  Enjoy!!