{Life Celebrations} Apple green & Purple | 70th Birthday Luncheon

I had the great pleasure of being asked to create this intimate garden celebration for a beautiful lady named Mrs. E 70th birthday. I am such an advocate on celebrating every milestone in life..... seriously why wouldn't you? I was excited to give Mrs. E another beautiful memory to add to her historic collection (this women has a stories to tell,  I had to impress her!).Well, my expertise was put to the test after consulting with Mrs. Es' daughter and realizing I literally had 6 days...  (yes 6) to get this done.  I laced my Converses up and “hit the pavement ”.

Even though it was in a garden, It had to be glamorous! Ballroom chairs, luxe linens, custom runner were all a must to add to this beautiful space. A tent for some shade from the elements draped in sheer panels added to the aesthetic. Lets not forget our adorable custom lantern chandelier!

Here's what we created... hope you love it as much as we did!


Fantastic spring arrangements added glam to this garden!



Every guest was greeted with a rose....Love is in the details!



Our custom runners came out fantastic!

20140810_142707 (1)


We created this custom lantern chandelier. Love it!



Can't wait for the next KBWEvent!


Until next time...LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE




Images courtesy of Lucas Murray Photography.