Meet your new BFF

Once engaged you may or may not have a wedding planning support system.  Regardless off that fact, it is always a good idea to hire a wedding planner.  Many couples think that a wedding planner will be a great expense and is pointless but hiring one is actually the opposite.  There are many benefits to hiring a wedding planner aka your new bff during the planning phase of your wedding.

Once hired, your new bff will be your creative partner.  Throughout the entire wedding planning process they will help you make decisions on how to make your dream come to life.  Wedding planners are knowledgeable on which vendors would be the best fit to execute the vision you have in mind.  They will do all the leg work researching the theme and vendors for you relieving you of all of the planning stress.  Your bff will not only relieve you of the stress that may come during planning but also on the day of your wedding.  They will be the mediator that handles all hiccups leaving you to enjoy your entire day oblivious to the back of house issues that may arise.  While researching and sourcing out the perfect vendors to make your wedding a sight to be seen your bff will also be making sure that these vendors fit well into your budget.  Managing your budget is an important part of being a wedding planner.  The experience a wedding planner has in negotiating with vendors is of great benefit to you.  Who wouldn't want a bff like that around?  I know I do!

When meeting a wedding planner during the first consultation you may want to ask them a few key questions:

1. In detail, what are the services offered?  How much does each service cost and how are payment divided up during the planning phase?

2. How many wedding have you planned?  How many do you plan at the same time?

3. Do you have assistants working with you during the planning phase and will they be assisting the day of the wedding?

4. Will your assistants or another wedding planner be able to coordinate the day of the wedding if there is an unforeseen circumstance that makes you unable to?

5. Do you have preferred vendors?  Are they in different wedding budgets?

6.  Have you planned any weddings with my guests capacity and/or budget?

7. Can I get references and/or testimonials?

8. Are you and your business insured?

9. Do you have experience with destination weddings?

So I hope to meet all my new friends soon!

Until next time.... LOVE,  LAUGH,  LOVE