Peach and Mint..... To Die For

Add some rum and that would be great if I were talking about a peach mojito.  Yummy signature drink btw!  But what I'm actually talking about is the beautiful end of summer wedding color combo I'm so in love with this first day of September.  For me, it transitions from one season to the next.  And the closer we get to fall the deeper the colors can be.  The peach can vary in the pink family getting as deep as the berry.  The mint can range in the green family as far as forest green. Peach and mint can be so romantic as well as vintage while the berry and forest green can be bold. I completely love both spectrums!!

If a couple wants to play with accent colors gold and ivory are perfect.  For indoor weddings they can be added subtly in the design details.  Outdoors, they can be added a bit more to allow the greenery of the wedding venue to be the pop of green of the palette.

I found the most breathtaking to die for pictures on Pinterest I just had to pin and share with you all. Hope they make you swoon as much as they did me. Enjoy :-)