So you're engaged...Now what?!?

First off, you tell your parents!  Both sets of parents should be notified, sooner than later, especially if you want them to contribute towards the financial portion of the wedding.  Then tell your closest friends and family.  All future brides, and most grooms, will be bursting at the seams to tell everyone they know but keep it to a select few for a little while.  These chosen few will want to see your ring asap ladies so make sure to make the soonest appointment for a manicure.  While others are thinking about your ring, for instance how the big the rock is and how much it might cost, you should too.  You'll want to get it appraised and insured for a just in case moment.  You'll also want to get the ring properly sized if it's too big or too small. It will be wise to hire a wedding planner, such as Kayla Belle Weddings and Events, to help with the planning of the wedding as well as alleviate the stress that can come with said planning.  But before meeting with a planner, as a couple, you'll want to choose a wedding date, set a budget and start saving towards it, draft a guest list, and because destination weddings are on the rise decide if you'd like to have one or stay locally.  Knowing these tid bits will help the wedding planner know where to start and the direction they need to go in while planning your wedding.  In the midst of doing all of the above, do remember to pick your besties for your wedding party.  These are the people who will be there to help plan and execute your engagement party, if you haven't already hired your wedding planner to assist with it, and help with any DIY projects throughout the wedding planning process.  Last but not least, you should consider taking engagement photos.  They can be used for the save the dates or as a thank you gift to your guests the night of the wedding.  It also gives you a chance to work with your prospective wedding photographer to see if you like their work.