The 2 in 1 Wedding Dress: 2013 Trend

The 2 in 1 Wedding Dress is not a new development in fashion design, but it is becoming more and more popular.  As more and more brides are opting for a second dress designers are following suit by providing a style of convertible wedding gown that is easily transformed from short to long with only a few snaps, pins or zippers.

These alternative fashion choices allow for the bride to wear the elegant, longer version as she walks down the aisle, and then perhaps detach the lower portion to create a beautiful sheath dress for the following reception or for the trip to the airport afterward.  These designs are also a great way to gain increased longevity and extra wear from a beautiful wedding dress that traditionally is stored away in attics and closets never to be worn again.

When the bottom half of the 2 in 1 Wedding Dress is detached, the remaining upper portion very often takes the new form of a sleek cocktail dress that can be worn to many different types of social occasions and professional functions.  The skirt can be designed as a wrap that attaches at the waist, perhaps appearing as a ball gown design when combined with the top.

     In many cases, the skirt is attached just below the knee or at mid thigh, flaring out in a mermaid style.  There are other options that might include a two piece ensemble that requires no attachments or ties at all.  The trains can vary, of course, but when the floor length version of a convertible wedding gown is worn, no one is the wiser!

Kudos to the designers that are paying attention to the needs of the modern day bride. What are your thoughts on the 2 in 1 dress?


Until next time...LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE