The Roaring 20's: 2013 Trend!

Hi readers!!! So we are talking about all the fab trends for this year & I am loving this one so much!!! The only respectful way to refer to the '1920's has to be the Roaring '20's! Sure enough it's the perfect definition of this lively, extreme and joyful age. New music rhythms,  freedom of behaviors, happiness! This atmosphere always reminds me the musical Chicago but I guess most of you have a more romantic image in mind: Robert Redford and The Great Gatsby! jazzyaffairs, wedding, style wedding

And mint was the color of Mia Farrow dress in some of the scenes, a trendy one for 2013.

20's women were really "sophisticated ladies", a perfect image of femininity, glamour and beauty! In those years Coco Chanel launches the short hair trend and Chanel No. 5,  a perfume that "smells of a woman, because a woman should smell of woman and not of rose", she said.

If you love this era as much as I do and want to take a journey back in search of some wedding ideas, I propose you can create some fabulous, inexpensive DIY items with this theme!!!!

Romantic and seductive dresses

Bridal Hair and Headdresses

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Skyfalls cakes!

jazzy affairs, cake, wedding cake

We have also found some gorgeous examples of very stylish invitation cards. Enjoy! And be Jazzy in the Roaring Twenties!

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Until next time....LIVE, LAUGH, LOVE